101A: Advanced Grammar, Reading, and Composition

MWF 1-2 | 33 Dwinelle | Instructor: Annamaria Bellezza

Units: 4

Taught in Italian.
Required of majors and minors

Italian Studies 101A is a reading and writing intensive course. Its goal is to help students improve and perfect their writing and reading skills, in preparation for further advanced literature courses in Italian. A variety of authentic material, including texts of different nature, video and audio clips will be covered in this course.

Italian Studies 101A is a prerequisite for any other 100-level course in Italian Studies.

Prerequisites:  Italian Studies 4 or proficiency placement.  Please contact Dr. Giuliana Perco, Italian Language Coordinator, if you have questions regarding placement in this course: gperco@berkeley.edu.

Texts:  Developing Writing Skills in Italian by Theresa Oliver-Fererici, Routledge Press, ISBN 9780415432610