160: Cristo si è fermato a Eboli: Carlo Levi and Italy’s ‘Southern Question’

TuTh 11-12:30 | 6331 Dwinelle | Instructor: Mia Fuller

Units: 4 Satisfies L&S Historical Studies OR Social & Behavioral Sciences breadth requirement.

Taught in Italian

This course is structured along a close and contextual reading of Carlo Levi’s classic work, Christ Stopped at Eboli (1945) with additional texts and discussions taking into account, among others, questions of Italy’s modernity, the ‘southern Question’, Fascist Italy’s imperial war on Ethiopia, Italian emigrants to the United States, agriculture and poverty, and religion versus paganism. Students will give oral presentations, write short commentaries and essays, and write a final research paper.


Carlo Levi, Cristo si è fermato a Eboli. Einaudi 2014. ISBN 9788806219345

Additional readings will be posted on bCourses.

Prerequisites: Italian 101 or permission of instructor