Registration Advising

New Students:

Incoming graduate student have access to register by early August. They should consult with the Graduate Adviser by email before then for assistance choosing their first semester class schedule.  There is a new student orientation held just prior to or during the first week of classes, and an assessment will be made of their speaking and writing abilities in Italian.

Continuing Students:

Continuing students meet with the Graduate Adviser approximately 1 week prior to Phase 1 of registration in order to obtain her or his approval signature on the department advising form.   Students should have looked at the schedule of classes and planned a potential schedule before the meeting.  Bring the form filled out and ready for signature to the meeting appointment.  Students who plan individual supervised units (such as 600+ or 298, 299) should get the signature of who will supervise those units before meeting with the adviser.

Once you have all the required signatures, bring the form to the Graduate Assistant to have your advising hold lifted for the semester, and to allow the Graduate Assistant to register you in any independently supervised unit courses. Those who have advanced to candidacy are also required to register units and obtain signatures (often in 12 units of IS 299).  Changes may be made to a schedule through CalCentral during the first three weeks of the semester, and by paper petition after the fourth week of the semester, with the approval of the Graduate Adviser.

In addition, students must meet with the Graduate Adviser for approval of the following: fulfillment of all program requirements (including those for languages, historical periods, fields, etc), M.A. Examination reading list; M.A. Examination Committee formation and exam scheduling; Ph.D. Prospectus Tutorial; QE topics and reading lists, Committee formation, and Exam scheduling; Prospectus Colloquium scheduling; Dissertation Committee formation and thesis submission.

Students are responsible for periodically verifying that their schedules and personal information are correct.