Albert Russell Ascoli

Gladyce Arata Terrill Distinguished Professor

  • 6325 Dwinelle Hall
  • On Leave, Fall 2017

Albert Russell Ascoli, Ph.D. Cornell University 1983, is Gladyce Arata Terrill Distinguished Professor. His principal field of research and teaching is Medieval and Early Modern Italian culture from the 13th to the 16th centuries. » read more »

Steven Botterill

Associate Professor of Italian Studies

  • 6329 Dwinelle Hall
  • Fall 2017: MW 1:30-2:30 & by appointment

Steven Botterill, Ph.D. University of Cambridge, is Associate Professor of Italian Studies. He has published widely on Dante and other aspects of medieval Italian literature. » read more »

Mia Fuller

Associate Professor of Italian Studies; Graduate Advisor

  • 6315 Dwinelle Hall
  • Fall 2017: By appointment

Mia Fuller, Ph.D. Berkeley, is Associate Professor of Italian Studies. She is a cultural anthropologist who has combined fieldwork and archival research in her studies of architecture and city planning in the Italian colonies between 1869 and 1943. » read more »

Mara Mauri Jacobsen

Continuing Lecturer

  • 6226 Dwinelle Hall
  • Fall 2017: MTh 9-10

Mara Mauri Jacobsen, Ph.D. Italian, University of California, Berkeley, Laurea in History and Philosophy, University of Milan, is co-author of Prego!: An Invitation to Italian and of Il reale e il possibile, An Intermediate to Advanced Reader. » read more »

Henrike Christiane Lange

Assistant Professor, Italian Studies and History of Art

  • 6329 Dwinelle (Italian Studies) and 432 Doe Library (Art History)
  • On Leave, Fall 2017

Henrike Christiane Lange, Ph.D. Yale University 2015, is an historian of art and literature. Professor Lange’s interests focus on the visual and textual arts and languages in the Renaissance and on the historiography of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Her joint appointment in Berkeley’s Departments of Italian Studies and History of Art allows her to introduce art historical scholarship into her Italian Studies courses, and the study of literature into her art history classes.

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Giuliana Perco

Language Coordinator and Lecturer

  • 6312 Dwinelle Hall
  • Fall 2017: W 2:15-3:15, F 11-12

 Giuliana Perco (Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, Pennsylvania State University) is  Lecturer and Italian Language Program Coordinator at the UC Berkeley. Before teaching at Berkeley, she taught Italian culture, literature and language at various universities such as Duke, the College of William and Mary, Penn State and Bryn Mawr College.

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Diego Pirillo

Associate Professor of Italian Studies, Undergraduate Advisor

  • 6327 Dwinelle Hall
  • Fall 2017: TuTh 5-6

Diego Pirillo (Ph.D., Scuola Normale Superiore) is Associate Professor of Italian Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, and affiliated faculty in the Center for the Study of Religion, in the Institute of European Studies, in the Program in Critical Theory, as well as in Renaissance and Early Modern Studies. » read more »

Barbara Spackman

Cecchetti Professor of Italian Studies; Professor of Comparative Literature; Department Chair

  • 6323 Dwinelle Hall
  • Fall 2017: Th 3-5 & by appointment

Barbara Spackman, Ph.D. Yale University, is Professor of Italian Studies and Comparative Literature, and holder of the Giovanni and Ruth Elizabeth Cecchetti Chair in Italian Literature. She works on nineteenth and twentieth century Italian literature and culture, with special interests in decadence, the cultural production of the fascist period, feminist theory, travel writing and Italian Orientalism. » read more »