Leslie Elwell



  • 6229 Dwinelle Hall

Leslie completed her Ph.D. in Italian Studies at UC Berkeley; she specializes in nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first century Italian literature and Women and Gender Studies.

Mara Mauri Jacobsen

Continuing Lecturer


  • 6226 Dwinelle Hall

Mara Mauri Jacobsen, Ph.D. Italian, University of California, Berkeley, Laurea in History and Philosophy, University of Milan, is co-author of Prego!: An Invitation to Italian and of Il reale e il possibile, An Intermediate to Advanced Reader. » read more »

Ramsey McGlazer



Ramsey McGlazer completed a Ph.D. in comparative literature and critical theory at UC Berkeley in 2015. He studies Italian, English, and Latin American literature and culture and writes about poetry and poetics, film, theories of education, and critiques of modernity.

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Giuliana Perco

Language Coordinator and Lecturer


  • 6312 Dwinelle Hall

 Giuliana Perco (Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, Pennsylvania State University) is  Lecturer and Italian Language Program Coordinator at the UC Berkeley. Before teaching at Berkeley, she taught Italian culture, literature and language at various universities such as Duke, the College of William and Mary, Penn State and Bryn Mawr College.

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