Frank Bezner

Associate Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature

  • 4335 Dwinelle

Frank Bezner, Dr.phil. Medieval Latin 2000 University of Tübingen, is Associate Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature. My main research interest lies in the Latin literature of the long Middle Ages. I approach this still relatively ignored terra incognita from a set of related questions that all revolve around a practice of contextualizing and re-contextualizing: What is the relation between literary texts and the intellectual, institutional, and political milieus in which they originate? In what way did medieval and Neo-Latin literary texts negotiate ideas, values, and political claims from within these milieus? Which critical categories are necessary to explore and analyze the undervalued role of a symbolic medium as Latin literature as part of medieval and post-medieval contexts? And how, in turn, do our accounts and histories of these contexts – of medieval institutions, intellectual fields, and political sites – change in the light of these often ignored literary texts? What interests me, in short, is an intellectual and cultural history of medieval and post-medieval Latin literature and literary culture. As part of this approach I am also increasingly interested in material philology and the ways how the materiality of texts can be understood as a site of cultural and intellectual practices.