Gavriel Moses

Professor Emeritus of Italian Studies and Film & Media

Gavriel Moses, Ph.D. Brown University, is Emeritus Professor of Italian Studies and Film & Media. His areas of specialization include Italian and European Literature from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries, literature in film, and the history and theory of the representational apparatus from the sixteenth century to the present. His recent publications include essays on Marino and the Representational Apparatus, on Books in the films of Michelangelo Antonioni, on Bodies and Discourse and Subjects in American cinema, as well as the book The Nickel Was for the Movies: Film in the Novel, Pirandello to Puig (University of California Press, 1995). He is currently completing a book entitled BibleGum: The Bible as Cultural Object in Cinema, previews of which can be found (in English and Italian respectively) as The Bible as Cultural Object[s] in Cinema, in Companion to Film and Literature, Robert Stam and Alessandra Raengo eds. (Oxford: Blackwell, forthcoming), and La Bibbia come oggetto e come presenza nel cinema americano contemporaneo, in Il Cinema e la Bibbia, Stefano Socci ed. (Brescia: Editrice Morcelliana, 2001): 97-116.