The Gerald & Beverly Bocciardi Undergraduate Conference

The annual Gerald & Beverly Bocciardi Undergraduate Conference showcases Berkeley Italian Studies undergraduate students’ original creative work related to a specific aspect of Italian culture. Each year, the conference theme corresponds to the theme chosen by the Italian Department of  Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for the “Settimana della lingua italiana” (“Italian Language Week”). Participating students have the opportunity to win the Gerald & Beverly Bocciardi Prize, generously funded by the Bocciardi family.*  Participation is open to all undergraduate students currently registered in one of the courses offered by our Department.


  • Fall 2021: Rhea Sood, Arman Baradaran, Elizabeth Girling, and Connor Fitzpatrick
  • Fall 2020: Armen Aprahamian, Emily Mantaro, Sharon Burk, Julia Francisco, and Valeria Garnica Urdaneta.
  • Fall 2019: Alessia Belsito-Riera, Maddison Brown, Sofia Dallarda, Myriam Grzybek, Sarah Kersting, and Giancarlo Tucci-Berube for “L’Italia imperiale e la storia storta” (video) [Italian 160: Narratives of Italian Colonialism and Its Aftermath]; Sharon Burk, Shivani Sundaram, and Yuanqi Zhou for “Dante’s Inferno: Communicating Body and Soul” (video) [Italian 130A: Dante’s Inferno]; Hannah Peregrino, Sebastián Yáñez Buvinic, and Gianfranco Centeno for “La riunione” (video) [Italian 1: Elementary Italian 1].


The 2021 conference theme is “Dante Alighieri”.
Students’ projects focusing on any aspect related to Dante, his work, the world/society in which he lived, today’s interpretations of his work and so on will be welcome.  The use of multimedia formats (video, presentations, skits, etc.) for your project is strongly encouraged.
Be creative!

To participate in the conference and to thus have the chance to win the Gerald  & Beverly Bocciardi Prize*please complete this participation form by Monday, September 13th, 2021.
Participants are also asked to enroll in Italian Studies 98/198 (directed group study: 1 unit, P/NP) directed by Dr. Perco.

Italian 98, Section 1: #21942 (for first- and second-year students)
Italian 198, Section 1: #21949 (for third- and fourth-year students)

If you are interested in participating in the conference, but your course load does not allow you to register for IS 98 or IS 198, contact Dr. Giuliana Perco.

The 2021 Bocciardi conference will be held online (hosted via Zoom), on December 4th 2021. Participants must be able to attend the conference in order to be awarded the Prize*.


With questions, please contact Dr. Giuliana Perco.

*Winning monetary awards may only be available to students who are determined to be eligible by the UC Berkeley Financial Aid office.