Info Session: Summer Abroad in Trieste

Far from the madding crowd of English-speaking tourists, Trieste is a cosmopolitan city with a long, multicultural history as a crossroads of empires in the Mediterranean. As a site of intercultural exchange between North and South, East and West, this seaport city played a crucial role in the reconfiguring of present-day borders in Europe, and fostered modernist literary culture.  Writers such as James Joyce, Italo Svevo, and Rainer Maria Rilke drew inspiration from it, while its architecture ranges from Neoclassical and Baroque to Art Nouveau. Venice, Slovenia, and Austria are all a short trip away. Points of interest include Miramare Castle, the Piazza dell’ Unità, several notable churches of a variety of denominations, art museums, the Grotta Gigante – the largest tourist cave in the world—as well as nearby beaches and mountains.

Come to either of two information sessions to learn more about the program.

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