Albert Russell Ascoli

Terrill Distinguished Professor (held from 2002-2019) Emeritus

Albert Russell Ascoli, Ph.D. Cornell University 1983. His principal field of research and teaching is Medieval and Early Modern Italian culture from the 13th to the 16th centuries.

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Louise George Clubb

Professor Emerita of Italian and Comparative Literature

Louise George Clubb is Professor Emerita of Italian Studies and Comparative Literature. A former Chair of the Department of Italian (as it then was) and Dean of Humanities in the College of Letters and Science, she is a leading expert on Italian Renaissance theater and literary relations between Italy and England during the Renaissance. » read more »

Mara Mauri Jacobsen

Retired Continuing Lecturer

Mara Mauri Jacobsen, Ph.D. Italian, University of California, Berkeley, Laurea in History and Philosophy, University of Milan, is co-author of Prego!: An Invitation to Italian and of Il reale e il possibile, An Intermediate to Advanced Reader. She has published on Italo Calvino and postmodern philosophy, on Giacomo Leopardi, and on Italian feminist writers in Italica, Quaderni ditalianistica, Italiana, La Rivista, and Leggere donna. At Berkeley she brought to the classroom her interest in diverse aspects of Italian culture: language, literature, history, film, philosophy, politics, feminist theory and the role of the media in the rapidly changing Italian society. She retired in June 2020.

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Gavriel Moses

Professor Emeritus of Italian Studies and Film & Media

Gavriel Moses, Ph.D. Brown University, is Emeritus Professor of Italian Studies and Film & Media. His areas of specialization include Italian and European Literature from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries, literature in film, and the history and theory of the representational apparatus from the sixteenth century to the present. » read more »

Loren Partridge

Professor Emeritus of History of Art and Italian Studies

  • 416 Doe Library

Loren Partridge, Ph.D. Harvard University, is Professor of the History of Art and Italian Studies. A scholar of Italian Renaissance painting, sculpture, and architecture with an emphasis on Rome, Florence, and Venice, he has approached his topic through genres: urbanism (fortifications, streets, public sculpture); churches (altarpieces, chapels, tombs), palaces and palace decoration (devotional works, portraits, halls of state) and villas and villa decoration (frescoes, gardens, fountains). » read more »

Randolph Starn

Professor Emeritus of History and Italian Studies

  • 2323 Dwinelle Hall

Randolph Starn, Ph.D. (History) Harvard University, is emeritus professor of History and Italian Studies. From Spring 2003 through Summer 2004 he was the first director of the Italian Studies Program in the Center for European Studies. » read more »

Stephen Tobriner

Professor Emeritus of Architecture


Stephen Tobriner, Ph.D. Harvard University, is a professor in the Department of Architecture and curator of the College of Environmental Design Documents Collection. Professor Tobriner teaches courses on the history of architecture and cities, Baroque architecture, Mesoamerican architecture and urbanism, engineering history, the history of reconstruction after seismic disasters, and social responsibility in architecture. » read more »