101A: Advanced Grammar, Reading, and Composition

MWF 1-2 | 228 Dwinelle | Instructor: Dr. Giuliana Perco

Units: 4

Taught in Italian

Required of majors

Italian Studies 101A is a reading and writing intensive course. Its goal is to help students improve their grammar and perfect their writing and reading skills, as a preparation for taking advanced literature courses in Italian.In Fall 2014, Italian Studies 101A will focus on some of the most persistent (and often misrepresented) stereotypes that characterize the perception of Italian culture and society abroad: fashion, design, food. Attention will be given to the historical, social, and cultural implications of such stereotypes. A variety of texts of different nature, video and audio clips, and songs will be included among the materials for the course. Â

Course Requirements

Three 1-hour meetings per week. Two 1-hour exams and a final examination.


Italian Studies 4 or equivalent, or proficiency placement. Please contact Dr. Perco if you have a question regarding placement in this course: gperco@berkeley.edu.


To be announced.