Language Study and Placement

The Department of Italian Studies offers language instruction at all levels, from beginning through advanced. Beginning courses emphasize oral proficiency and communication in real-life situations, as well as reading and writing skills. Materials are closely related to contemporary Italian culture and society. Advanced courses emphasize all aspects of language ability, from conversation to literary analysis.

If you are just beginning to study Italian, then Italian W1 or 1 is the place for you.

If you had some previous coursework in Italian at another college, are a heritage speaker, or have learned Italian through travel or independent study, you should take our placement test.

Placement exams will be offered only twice per semester, during enrollment Phase II and the adjustment period.

For Fall 2019 enrollment:

  • Tuesday, May 7, 9:30am. 6331 Dwinelle Hall (Italian Studies Seminar Room). Register by May 3 at this link.
  • Tuesday, August 27, 9:00am. 6307 Dwinelle Hall. Register at this link.