Who to See for Advising

The Department offers complete advising services for undergraduates (including language placement; majors, double majors & minors; transfer students; summer sessions; breadth requirements and R&C in English; study abroad opportunities).

Students needing placement within the language program should consult with Dr. Giuliana Perco, Language Program Coordinator. Dr. Perco may also be consulted about Study Abroad opportunities, though students should also seek advice from the campus EAP office (Scott McElhinney).

Students who wish to discuss declaring a major, double major, or minor in Italian Studies, transfer students with questions about the program, should consult both with the faculty Director of Undergraduate Studies (Professor Diego Pirillo) and the Undergraduate Student Services Advisor (Amanda Minafo). Students seeking to fulfill R&C or breadth requirements, or other English language offerings on Italian topics should consult the website and/or speak to Ms. Minafo. To inquire about the Biasin Traveling Fellowship for current and recently graduated students, contact Prof. Diego Pirillo.