Transfer Information

The Department welcomes interested transfer students into its courses, and encourages them to choose Italian Studies as a major or minor. Many of our most successful students, including past winners of the annual departmental citation for outstanding achievement by a graduating senior, have begun their Berkeley careers as transfer students.

Click here for information about admission to Berkeley as a transfer student.

If you have taken lower-division Italian courses at a California community college, and want to know whether they will be transferable to Berkeley, you can find this out by using the statewide student transfer information Web site. If you are not sure how well your background in Italian will equip you for study in the Department, you should consult the Undergraduate Student Services Advisor or (for placement in language courses) Dr. Giuliana Perco.

If you are a transfer student considering a major in Italian Studies, you should talk to the Undergraduate Adviser as soon as possible after you arrive at Berkeley. The College of Letters and Science has strict deadlines for declaration of a major by incoming transfer students, and the Department stands ready to help you comply with College regulations. For information on requirements for the major, click here.

If you plan to minor in Italian Studies, you should talk to the Undergraduate Adviser no later than the beginning of the semester before your graduation term (in example, if you are graduating in Spring, see an advisor at the start of the preceding Fall). Students interested in the minor should plan an intent to minor with the Undergraduate Student Services Advisor. Click here for information on requirements for the minor.