2: Elementary Italian

Section 1: M-F 9-10 | Dwinelle 130 | Instructor: Mara Mauri-Jacobsen

Section 2: M-F 11-12 | Dwinelle 187 | Instructor: Toby Levers

Units: 5

This course is for students who have already a basic knowledge of Italian and want to continue the study of the language. The course is taught in Italian. Italian, not English, will be spoken in class at all times, students will be exposed to authentic Italian material from films, songs, websites, and will have the opportunity to practice their listening and speaking skills on a daily basis.

At the end of the semester, students will be able to use Italian to talk about their life, to describe present, past and future events, to give suggestions, to discuss their choices and opportunities. Students will be able to understand short dialogues, conversations, and clips from mainstream Italian films and to express their ideas both orally and in writing on a variety of topics.

Course Requirements:  Five hours per week.  Weekly quizzes, midterm, oral exam, final project and a final exam. Regular daily attendance is required.

Required texts:

Sentieri, 2nd edition, Julia M. Cozzarelli, Vista Higher Learning Publishing, 2015.

Purchase textbook here.

Webster’s New World Italian Dictionary Concise edition ISBN 9780139536397

Recommended texts:

English Grammar for Students of Italian, 3rd edition- S. Adorni, K Primorac. Olivia and Hill. ISBN 9780934034401

Prerequisites:  Italian 1 at UCB or placement test

Please contact Dr. Perco if you have questions regarding placement in this course: gperco@berkeley.edu.

Course cannot be repeated without prior consent from the language coordinator.