1: Elementary Italian

Section 1: M-F 8-9 | Instructor: TBA

Section 2: M-F 9-10 | Instructor: TBA

Section 3: M-F 10-11 | Instructor: TBA

Section 4: M-F 11-12 | Instructor: TBA

Section 5: M-F 12-1 | Instructor: TBA

Units: 5

Instructor in charge: Giuliana Perco

Course conducted in Italian

Allows beginning students to use and understand the language in different situations through functional communicative activities and creative exercises.

Course Requirements: Five hours per week. Weekly quizzes, two midterms and a final.

Required texts:

The Italian Project 1a, T. Marin and S. Magnelli. Edilingua 2013. ISBN 978-960-693-019-5

The Italian Project 1b, T. Marin and S. Magnelli. Edilingua 2013. ISBN 978-960-693-020-1

Una grammatica italiana per tutti  Vol. 1, A. Latino and M. Muscolino. Edilingua. ISBN 978-960-7706-70-6

Webster’s New World Italian Dictionary Concise edition ISBN 9780139536397

Recommended texts:

English Grammar for Students of Italian  3rd edition- S. Adorni, K Primorac. Olivia and Hill. ISBN 9780934034401

Prerequisites: None. Italian 1 presumes no former study of Italian.