W2: Elementary Italian (Hybrid)

MWF 11-12 | Hearst Gym 245 | Instructor: Lauren-Claire Kelley

Units: 5

Students enroll in both the in-person Section 1 and the web-based Section 101.

This course is designed for beginners who already have a basic knowledge of Italian. During the semester you will expand your knowledge and mastery of Italian grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, while improving your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in Italian, and learning about Italian culture and society. This is a blended/hybrid course, including both face-to-face lessons 3 times a week and a blended/hybrid self-paced component to be completed online.

Course goals: At the end of the semester, you will have received the same preparation offered by a non-hybrid Italian 2 class and will be able to use Italian to talk extensively about yourself, your life, your dreams and interests, to describe your and discuss your likes and dislikes, to speak about your future career, and to express your thoughts on complex topics. You will also be able to talk in Italian about present, past, and future events and to explain your decisions. You will understand complex real-life conversations among native speakers as well as mainstream Italian films. You will be able to write on a variety of topics.

The course is taught in Italian; Italian and NOT English will be spoken in class at all times.



  • Sentieri, 2nd edition, Julia Cozzarelli. 2015. ISBN 978-1-62680-803-4 NB: you must purchase the access code to Supersite Plus.
  • Webster’s New World Italian Dictionary or any good bilingual English/Italian dictionary
  • Any additional material uploaded on bCourses or distributed in class by your instructor.


  • English Grammar for Students of Italian, Adorni, S. & Primorac, K., Olivia & Hill Press; 3rd ed.

Prerequisites: Italian 1 or placement exam.