290A: Graduate Colloquium

Th 5-8 | 160 Dwinelle | Instructor: Professor Barbara Spackman

Units: 2

Colloquium is required of first year students who take it for a grade.

Colloquium is optional for post-first-year students, who take it S/U.

Introduction to important aspects of the professional field of Italian Studies.The course will alternate between two types of events.First, attendance at and active participation in departmental colloquia offered by visiting speakers, by UCB faculty, and by department graduate students presenting their dissertation prospectuses.Second, workshops on a variety of topics fundamental to the effective practice of professional scholarship in Italian Studies.These may include: library workshops (how to use: the graduate library, the rare book library, the department library); workshops on the research and writing of scholarly studies; workshops on the effective use of bibliographic resources, written and electronic; and so on.

Course Requirements

Students are expected to attend and participate regularly at all events. There are no writing requirements.


To be announced.

Recommended activities: Physical and virual tours of Doe/Moffitt Libraries and websites.