1R: Intensive Italian for Romance Language Speakers

M-F 12-1 | Dwinelle 187 | Instructor: Annamaria Bellezza

Units: 5

Equivalent of Italian Studies 1 and 2 combined.

For native speakers of any Romance language and for students with college level 4 proficiency (or higher) in a Romance language (exceptions made with departmental consent).

This course is designed with the needs and strengths of native or proficient speakers of any Romance language in mind, so that the similarities between the languages can be used to promote specific learning paths. This is an intensive Italian language course, which combines two semesters in one, covering all the materials usually covered in Elementary Italian 1 and 2. The course provides an accelerated introduction to Italian, allowing students who successfully complete it to enroll in Intermediate Italian 3, gaining faster access to upper division courses. The general objectives are to provide students with the basic tools for oral and written communication in Italian, but also to offer them the opportunity to learn about Italian culture, to reflect on intercultural differences and similarities, and to become more aware ‘multilingual subjects’ in our plurilingual society.

Workload: This course meets 5 times per week and regular and continued attendance is mandatory. Due to the intensive nature of this course, students should plan to study one to two hours a day and be committed to a fast-paced learning environment.

Required Texts:

Sentieri, 2nd edition, Julia Cozzarelli. 2015. ISBN 978-1-62680-803-4 NB: including access to the “Supersite Plus” Purchase book here.

Course cannot be repeated without prior consent of the instructor.