4: Intermediate Italian

M-F 9-10 | 187 Dwinelle | Instructor: Mara Mauri-Jacobsen

Units: 5

In this course students will hone their language skills by reviewing and deepening their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar structures learned in the previous three semesters. They will learn to appreciate Italian culture through authentic materials such as articles, films, and audioclips. Students will continue to build on the work done in Italian 3, striving for a higher level of sophistication and fluency in writing, reading, and speaking. Readings will be more complex and will cover a wider range of topics. Conducted in Italian.

Course Requirements:  Five hours per week. Weekly written assignments, midterm, oral presentation, and a final exam. Regular daily attendance is required.

Required texts:

Caleidoscopio, Daniela Bartalesi-Graf and Colleen Ryan, Pearson, 2015. ISBN-13: 978-0-205-25568-9

Recommended texts:

Webster’s New World Italian Dictionary Concise edition ISBN 9780139536397

Prerequisite:  Italian 3 at UCB or placement test. Please contact Dr. Perco if you have questions regarding placement in this course: gperco@berkeley.edu.

Course cannot be repeated without prior consent from the language coordinator.