1: Elementary Italian, Session C (June 22 – August 14)

M-Th 10-12:30 | 121 Wheeler | Instructor: Lauren-Claire Kelley

Units: 5

In Summer Session 2015, you have the opportunity to fit the study of Italian language conveniently into your schedule. Whether for purposes of personal enrichment, travel, deepening your appreciation of opera, or mastering fine Italian cuisine, this intensive course will provide you with a university level introduction to the beautiful Italian language.

This course is for beginners. Come and learn the basic proficiency (writing, speaking, and listening) in Italian during an intensive summer course!

The course is taught in Italian. Italian, not English, will be spoken in class at all times, so that you will be exposed to authentic Italian material from films, songs, websites, and will have the opportunity to practice your listening and speaking skills on a daily basis.

At the end of the semester, you will be able to use Italian to talk about yourself, your family, your town, your friends, and your interests. You will also be able to describe present and past events in Italian and to converse with your peers about your everyday life. You will be able to understand short dialogues, conversations, and clips from mainstream Italian films. You will also be able to write short compositions on a variety of topics.

Ten hours of lecture per week. Weekly quizzes, a midterm, an oral exam, and a final.

This intensive language course covers a normal 15-week semester of Berkeley language instruction in 8 weeks.

Prerequisites: None. Italian 1 presumes no prior study of Italian.


Dr. Giuliana Perco, Supervisor of our academic year Italian Language Program, will answer your questions about placement in this course, course structure, and content of Italian Studies 1: gperco@berkeley.edu

Instructor Availability: The Italian Studies 1 instructor will be available beginning the first day of class, Monday, June 22. Contact information and office hours will be provided by the instructor at that time.

For enrollment and general questions, contact the department office:

Email: issa@berkeley.edu

Phone: M-F 8-5, (510) 642-2704


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