97/197: Italian Language Tutor Training

Day/Time TBD , , | Location TBD | Instructor: Giuliana Perco

Units: 1

The Italian language tutor training course offers a one-unit field study for Italian Majors and Minors, and for UC Berkeley students with an advanced language proficiency in Italian (equivalent to at least 4 semesters of language instruction) who are interested in tutoring students enrolled in Elementary Italian (first and second semester).

Tutors are responsible for 2 hours of drop-in tutoring per week, as well as regular meetings with the instructor to discuss pedagogy and second language acquisition issues.  Tutoring schedule and class meetings will be discussed at the beginning of the semester.

Being a peer tutor for Italian is a great experience: you will help fellow students who have just begun to study Italian to appreciate it as much as you do; reviewing sticky grammar points for your tutees will improve your own language skills; finally, direct hands-on experience in this field will be an useful addition to your resume.

Peer-tutor must enroll in Italian 197 (juniors or seniors) or Italian 97 (freshmen and sophomores) for 1 unit.

Please contact Dr. Giuliana Perco to discuss your availability and eligibility as a tutor.

Prerequisite:  Italian Studies 4 proficiency or equivalent