30: CANCELLED as of June 19, 2015: Dante’s “Divine Comedy” (in English), Session D (July 6 – August 14)

TWTh 10-12:30 | 240 Mulford | Instructor: Steven Botterill

Units: 3 Satisfies L&S Arts & Literature OR Philosophy and Values breadth requirement.

The course aims to introduce lower-division students to the work of the greatest poet of the European Middle Ages. It will present a close analytical reading of Inferno (the best-known part of his masterpiece, the Divine Comedy), in the literary and cultural context created by the most significant of his earlier works: the autobiographical prose and lyric poetry of the Vita nova, and the linguistic and poetic theory of De vulgari eloquentia. All readings, primary and secondary, will be in English.

Dante, trans. Stanley Lombardo, Inferno

Dante, trans. Andrew Frisardi, Vita nova

Dante, trans. Steven Botterill, De vulgari eloquentia

Prerequisites: None. This course is taught in English with readings in English.