375: Practicum Teaching of Italian in College: GSI Language Training

Tu 2-5 | 6331 Dwinelle | Instructor: Dr. Giuliana Perco

Units: 2


Taught in Italian.

This course provides instruction on the theory and practice of foreign language teaching and learning with lectures on methodology, testing, grading, class preparation, textbook selection and evaluation, course design and development, and the use of audio-visual and computer aids to instruction. It also includes supervised classroom practice. We will review the various theories and methods for teaching Italian language mostly at elementary levels. We will examine the communicative approaches and their applications for practical classroom activities. This course contributes to an improvement of the teaching of Italian as foreign language and to the training of foreign language teachers in general.

Course Requirements

Three hours of seminar/discussion per week and attendance at demonstration class for five hours per week. Must be taken on a letter grade basis. Required of all GSI’s in their first semester of teaching. A teaching demonstration and a final paper is required.


GSI status in the Department of Italian Studies.