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The Department of Italian Studies is committed to the interdisciplinary study of Italian literature and culture, and its diverse faculty includes scholars of literature, history, music, anthropology, art history, and cinema. Our special strengths are in medieval and early modern literature and culture, nineteenth and twentieth century literature and culture, feminist theory, Fascism and culture, literary and cultural theory, anthropology, historiography, gender studies, national and regional identity politics, comparative studies with other Romance traditions, and travel literature.

The M.A. phase is designed to provide students with a broad base in Italian literature and culture, before they go on to more specialized work toward the Ph.D. Master’s students typically complete two years of coursework, and undergo a review at the end of four semesters. The review includes a written M.A. examination, as well as an evaluation of the written work produced during this phase.

Note that we do not accept applications for an MA-only degree. It is also important to note that University policy prevents us from considering applicants who already hold a doctoral degree in any subject, whether obtained at a US institution or abroad.

The Ph.D. phase gives students the opportunity to work across disciplines and fashion their own version of interdisciplinary Italian Studies. A special feature of this phase is the two tutorials undertaken in the final year of coursework. These tutorials allow students to work closely with faculty members who represent their areas of specialization, and provide the basis for the Qualifying Examination. Two years of coursework are typically required in this phase, which culminates in the writing of a Dissertation.

Please read theĀ INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING THE APPLICATION before beginning the on-line application. There are also further instructions to assist you imbedded in each section of the application

Visit the Graduate Division site for further information about graduate admission, fellowship opportunities, and details for international applicants. The application cycle opens in early September.