Who to see for advising

The Department offers complete advising services for  graduate students (applicants for the M.A.-Ph.D program; current students in the program; students with Italian emphasis in the Romance Languages and Literatures Program, the Department of Comparative Literature or other related departments; students seeking to fulfill graduate division language requirements or language competency certification for Fulbright and other fellowship opportunities; students seeking support for summer study in Italy through the Italian-American fund).

Prospective M.A.-Ph.D. students in Italian Studies should see the section, Information & Admissions.  If you have more involved program questions, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Prof. Akash Kumar.  For help with the application procedures and other technical questions you may contact the Graduate Services Adviser, Seth Arnopole, at the devoted admissions email italianadmit@berkeley.edu. Prospective and current students in RLL/Italian should contact the Italian Studies advisor for the program, Prof. Akash Kumar on academic questions.  Potential RLL applicants may also use italianadmit@berkeley.edu for questions about the application procedures.  Please be sure to note that you are applying to RLL or Mr. Arnopole will assume the question is for Italian Studies.  Current M.A. and Ph.D. students should always consult with the DGS and GSA for academic and procedural questions.