Withdrawing from the University

To withdraw from the University or discontinue studies for any period of time, please discuss the decision with the Graduate Adviser and notify the Graduate Assistant.  Withdrawal may affect such things as visa status, residency status, and student loan repayments, Normative Time status and ability to use filing fee when filing your dissertation. Be sure to consult with the Graduate Adviser, Graduate Assistant, and if applicable, the Financial Aid Office, and Services for International Students and Scholars (SISS) before withdrawing.

Students cancel their registration and withdraw themselves through the CalCentral registration system before a semester begins, or by meeting with the graduate assistant if the decision to withdraw is made mid-semester.

Please note that if you move out of the state of California while withdrawn, your residency status may be affected at the time that you file your dissertation, particularly if it takes you more than a year to file from the time that you left. If you lose your residency you will be charged out of state tuition in order to file, unless you are eligible to use Filing Fee.

Withdrawn students must apply for readmission to the Graduate Division in order to return. Readmission is not necessarily guaranteed.  Meet with the Graduate Adviser before reapplying.